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At LBS Conveyor Belts, we think sustainability is important!
That is why we have been working on making LBS more sustainable for quite some time now.

Through this page, we want to show you which projects are underway and which steps
LBS Conveyor Belts is taking towards that important dot on the horizon.

Dot on the horizon:
LBS Conveyor Belts aims to be fully circular by 2050 with the right balance between sound social, environmental and financial policies.



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The LBS Greenteam is a group of colleagues from various departments who focus completely on sustainability.

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In recent decades, the world's population has grown enormously and with it the demand for food and other products. To meet this demand, we have started producing more and more. In many cases even more than we need. As a result, more natural resources are needed than the earth can provide and depletion is a very realistic scenario.

We also make extensive use of polluting resources such as oil and gas in our daily lives. Large-scale burning of these, as a result of producing, transporting and consuming products, releases CO2 into the air. This leads to the earth warming at an ever-increasing rate and significantly increases the likelihood of destructive natural disasters.

Climate change is currently already in full swing. It can be seen and felt all over the world. For example, many animal and plant species are threatened with extinction, forest fires, earthquakes and floods follow at a furious pace, and the number of deaths and millions of euros of damage as a result are only increasing. Also, more and more areas are becoming uninhabitable and a healthy and carefree future for succeeding generations is increasingly unlikely.

At LBS Conveyor Belts, we consider sustainability important and believe it is our responsibility to contribute to a sustainable and healthy future. To give substance to this, the GreenTeam was set up. A group of colleagues from various departments who focus on making the company and its surroundings greener and more sustainable.

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At LBS Conveyor Belts, we consider sustainability important and believe it is our responsibility to contribute to a sustainable and healthy future. To give substance to this, the GreenTeam was set up. A group of colleagues from various departments who focus on making the company and its surroundings greener and more sustainable.


Vision: Together we Create ‘Excellent Conveyor Belts and a Sustainable Future’


From our many years of experience and expertise, we help customers within the Recycling, Agro and Food industries to take their products and processes to the next level in a sustainable way. We develop and innovate continuously, from good to excellent and from durable to sustainable. Together, we aim for the best result, reliable continuity, optimal satisfaction and, above all, a sustainable future for you, ourselves and future generations.



1. CO² Footprint: Every company, including LBS Conveyor Belts, emits a certain amount of methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2) and/or nitrous oxide (N2O) when producing, transporting and consuming raw materials, semi-finished and finished products. Better known as greenhouse gases. Given that these gases contribute significantly to global warming and require appropriate measures, it is very important to identify where they are released.

We do this with the help of the Environmental Barometer. A digital platform that allows us to map and monitor our current environmental impact in great detail. Various aspects, such as the consumption of electricity, fuel and water, the amount of waste and emissions resulting from business, goods and home/work traffic are clearly displayed here by means of numbers and graphs. The advantage of this is that targeted action can be taken to tackle the most polluting processes and operations.

The graph is a graphical representation of the CO2 footprint in tonnes of CO2 per year. The larger a theme in this graph, the greater its contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. In this, it is important what our biggest impact on sustainability is and how they can reduce this impact.


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2. Separating waste: Various types of waste are generated in the operations of LBS Conveyor Belts. These include Rubber, A/B Wood, Paper/Carton, Iron, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, PP-Raffia, Plastic, Cans, Chemical and Residual Waste. With a view to sustainable processing, we choose to collect and dispose of the streams separately. This approach leads to efficient processing of the various materials and minimises the burden on the environment in relative terms. After all, waste processing costs energy and leads to greenhouse gas emissions.

From this perspective, we also try to give a second life to as many materials as possible. Below are some examples:

  • Cans are collected and returned to the supplier for recycling;
  • Remnants of PVC cleats & strings are collected and, after being processed into granulate, used as raw material for the production of boots and wheelbarrow tyres.
  • A/B wood is collected and, after processing into wood pellets, used as a raw material for the wood fibre and chipboard industry or serves as fuel in bio-energy plants, among others.
  • Paper/cardboard: Around 75% of the paper collected is recycled and, after processing, reused in the paper industry to produce, for example, boxes and newspapers.
  • Packaging film is baled after collection and processed in renewed form into, for example, plastic gloves or fleece jumpers.

3: Renewable energy: LBS Conveyor Belts relies on a significant amount of energy to carry out both its primary (production) and secondary (support) processes. This is currently obtained from gas and electricity. The generation and/or consumption of this creates relatively large carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in the current situation.

With a focus on a sustainable future, we are investigating various options for reducing overall energy consumption on the one hand and generating green energy using solar panels, for example.

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FC Emmen Noaberschap



We, as LBS, have joined FC Emmen Naoberschap Foundation as a member.

In the broad sense, sustainability is also about improving the quality of life of people in both present and future generations. We find it important to be socially involved in the environment.

Because LBS likes to be part in this, it was initiated from the Green-Team of LBS to become a donor of ‘FC Emmen Naoberschap’.

This organisation, in collaboration with a number of ‘Drenten’, commits resources to various relevant social causes. For example, they dedicate themselves to the health of young people in the region, but also to people who cannot or should not participate in society. ‘FC Emmen Naoberschap’ has become a household name in the region, partly by building lasting relationships and successfully organising social programmes.

Read more about the organisation here - FC Emmen

Together we  are sustainable



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