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Rubber Conveyor Belts

Rubber conveyor belts come in all shapes and sizes. Since these conveyor belts have to function even in extreme conditions, high quality requirements are set. These requirements are guaranteed due to a long-standing cooperation with suppliers. As a result, we supply the best belts for the optimal process and the right machine.

LBS is known for its rubber conveyor belts. The belts are developed in our facility in Emmen. They are of very high quality and they have a long lifespan. Even in extreme conditions. The quality of our conveyor belts is partly due to the long-standing active cooperation with our suppliers. Together we aim to create the best belts for the customer's process and machine.

Types of rubber conveyor belts

LBS has wide range of rubber conveyor belts. The various types are created for both heavy-duty and light applications, to be used in machines and processes in the recycling and agro industries. Think about road construction, mining, sand extraction, agriculture and horticulture. 

The conveyor belts are available in a variety of belt widths, belt constructions and profiles.

Rubber conveyor belt components

With our proprietary brands such Hotcleat® and Ecocleat®, we provide various accessories for the rubber conveyor belt. Carriers, skirt boards, profiles and guide ropes. Also, there are even more diverse manufacturing options for the conveyor belts, such as wavy edges, hot vulcanised endless belts and mechanical fasteners. In addition, it's also possible to create a great variety of cutting pieces.

Probelt® conveyor belts

We supply conveyor belts from the Probelt brand. The brand offers a comprehensive and high-quality range in the area of flat and profiled rubber conveyor belts. Its high quality is the result of a long-standing cooperation with the various suppliers.

Together we create

When it comes to product varieties or special needs, we as LBS are happy to help you select the right rubber conveyor belt for your machine and process. In doing so, quality, stability, reliability and good service are of extremely high priority for us. All our products comply with the REACH regulation. We mainly work with our own quality standards, which exceed the norm.

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