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Conveyor belts are specialized tailor-made items. Our specialists are happy to produce them using our advanced techniques. Including the technique of our MultiCutter. The MultiCutter offers you the latest ‘cutting edge’ technology, which allows us to provide belts and plates that are cut to size. With our fully automated state-of-the-art MultiCutter, you are able to outsource your manual cutting. We are capable of cutting any kind of material, ranging from the thinnest synthetic to the thickest polyurethane plates and steel reinforced rubber conveyor belts.

automated cutting edge

Our MultiCutter offers you the latest “cutting edge” technology, allowing us to supply custom-made conveyor belts and sheets. Our fully automated and state-of-the art MultiCutter enables you to contract out your manual work. We are able to cut all kinds of materials from the thinnest synthetics to the thickest polyurethane plates and steel reinforced rubber conveyor belts. Just imagine: no more stock nor manual work and just-in-time deliveries! LBS Conveyor Belts BV avails of one of the biggest stocks of synthetic and rubber materials. In cooperation with you we will compose the best fitting product. We have our work cut out for us... Allow us to deliver your custom-made products just-in-time so that you can mount them easily and carefree.

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Benefits Multicutter

» No manual work
» Machining (2D) operation
» Accurate according to drawing
» Small and big series
» 100% reproducibility
» Rapid prototyping
» Reduced material costs
» Just-In-Time

materials cutting multicutter

Various materials can be cut by our MultiCutter. Below is a list of the materials we cut for our customers every week.

» Rubber, with or without fabric inlays
» Synthetics, with or without fabric inlays
» Polyurethane
» Silicons
» Teflon
» Foam
» Cellular rubber

The MultiCutter is suitable for production of both large and small series. A prototype can also be made if required. Our working method is simple: you supply the specifi cations of your product in DXF or DWG format. With the aid of this drawing, the MultiCutter can accurately reproduce any required shape. The cut product will therefore comply with your specifi cations, including any perforations, notches, recesses, grooves etc. Quick, effi cient and accurate! 

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applications of cutting edges

Where are these cutting pieces used? Below are a number of examples for which cutting pieces are used.
» Rubber and synthetic screens
» Synthetic and rubber side skirting
» Curve conveyor belts
» Fall breaker chutes
» Protection sheets
» Gaskets and seals
» Shotblasting curtains
» Snow- and stable ploughs


application of specific conveyor belts

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