Experience has shown that the "conveyor belt service" encompasses more than just the belt itself. Equally essential are the quality components that facilitate the belt's proper operation. These components are vital for ensuring uninterrupted functionality. That's why we also provide a variety of rotating and wearing parts for your conveyor, allowing your machine or process to function optimally.

Categories of Conveyor Belt components


LBS offers an extensive range of parts for both rubber and plastic conveyors, including:

  • Trough frames and cleat rollers that support both plastic and rubber conveyor belts.
  • Drive and turning drums designed for rubber belts. These drums ensure optimal belt steering, minimizing skewing and product loss. We offer various coating options for these drums:
    • Mini check
    • Ceramic drum coating
    • Roller cladding
  • Plastic belt scrapers, designed to effectively clean the belt. We offer the following variants::
  • Corrugated rubber conveyor belt edges with fabric reinforcement, including the Aquamator Band. The Aquamator belt is a basic Probelt belt suitable for washing out specific light contamination present in mineral grains such as sand, grit, gravel and construction rubble.
  • Corrugated edges for the plastic belt particularly used for the food industry.
  • Sealing strips for both synthetic and rubber conveyor belts. We can provide these sealing strips with perforation at the customer's request.
  • Longitudinal edges (spillage guards) on the side of the conveyor to ensure minimum product loss on both rubber and synthetic conveyors.
  • Guiding belts at the bottom of the belt for the purpose of steering the rubber and synthetic conveyor belt.


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Making a conveyor belt is not assembly line work. Nevertheless, manufacturers think they can achieve maximum results with standard solutions. Once the standard solution has been put into use, however, the results turn out to be disappointing. A well-considered choice for a conveyor belt makes the difference for production.

This white paper helps you make an informed choice when designing a conveyor belt.


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Conveyor components by industry


Every industry requires specific components to ensure the proper functioning of conveyor belts. For example, our PIKE head scraper is ideal for the food industry, while Durathane plates are commonly used in construction. Our Durathane sheets, made of durable polyurethane, offer exceptional wear resistance and versatility, providing long-lasting protection to products and installations.

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Conveyor components at LBS


Drawing from our experience and expertise, we assist you in elevating your machines and processes sustainably with our comprehensive range of conveyor parts. We uphold rigorous standards not only for our conveyor belts but also for our conveyor parts. We prioritize user-friendliness, easy maintenance, and customized solutions.



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