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Ecocleat® is a cleat designed and developed for the agricultural and light industries. The hot vulcanized Ecocleat® cleats are fully integrated with any Probelt® basic belt by means of a unique production process. It eliminates any chance of detachment of the cleats. Ecocleat® offers enhanced sustainability and longevity of the conveyor belt compared with existing adhesive and vulcanisation techniques, and it is less sensitive for the diameter of the pulleys. 

The unique production process, advanced automation and expertise guarantee that you have a high-quality product for your application.


A distinctive feature of Ecocleat® cleats is their unique design with rounded tops. This rounded shape makes them particularly product-friendly for delicate agricultural products such as potatoes, onions, sugar beet and carrots. Instead of rough edges that can cause damage, Ecocleat® cleats ensure that your valuable produce remains safe and undamaged during transport.

Various applications

Probelt®'s Ecocleat® cleats find their application in various industries. Besides the agricultural sector and processing products such as potatoes, onions, sugar beet and carrots, they are also successfully used in the paper recycling and synthetic recycling industries. The versatility and durability of these cleats make them suitable for numerous conveyor belt applications.

Flexible and Broadly Applicable

Ecocleat® range offers an impressive range of possibilities. These cleats are suitable for conveyors with belt widths of up to 1,800 mm and cleats lengths of up to 1,700 mm, making them versatile for a variety of applications.

Read here more about Ecocleat® in our blog.


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