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Synthetic gauze belts

Synthetic gauze belts are often used in installations where the rinsing and drying of products and the draining of moisture are important. This type of conveyor belt is therefore often used for transport systems in the agro and food industry. To ensure the optimal execution of this process, high quality requirements are placed on the belts. These requirements are guaranteed due to a long-standing cooperation with suppliers and customers.

The use of synthetic gauze conveyor belts

The gauze conveyor belts are used in various different ways. Applications are:

  • The rinsing and drying of food products
  • Processes involving the drying and cooling of products
  • Runoff and drainage

This means there are numerous possibilities for the various industries:

  • Washing and drying in fruit and vegetable processing
  • Washing and drainage in fish processing
  • Drying in the food industry

synthetic gauze belt components

When assembling a gauze conveyor belt, there are various possibilities. For example, the conveyor belt can be supplied in various mesh widths (permeabilities mU) and belt widths. Besides that, it's possible to create various finishes, such as with or without carriers. The gauze belts are equipped with a polyester finish, both lateral and on the edges, and they are thermally fixated. With the wide range of carriers, spill edges/skirt boards, wavy edges and guide ropes, the product and manufacturing range is made complete.

EU and FDA certified

LBS places high demands on the synthetic gauze belts. That's why the conveyor belts are able to withstand various bacteria and chemicals. When it comes to hygiene, the belts are highly qualified according to EU and FDA standards. This is achieved due to the long-standing cooperation with various suppliers which ensures that the conveyor belts are of the highest quality.

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