Hotwall - hot vulcanized sidewalls

Why hot vulcanized sidewalls?

Benefits of sidewalls on conveyor belts

Sidewalls are used on conveyor belts to prevent lateral movement of the product being conveyed. In addition to this essential feature, sidewalls offer other benefits:

  1. Capacity increase: Sidewalls contribute to a significant increase in capacity. They improve efficiency by minimising product loss during conveying.

  2. Flexibility in conveying: Sidewalls allow products to be conveyed at an angle of up to 90 degrees. This allows for greater heights to be bridged over relatively short distances.



Hot vulcanized sidewalls

Hot vulcanized sidewalls are differentiated by an automated production process, resulting in a high-quality and stable end product. Some benefits of hot vulcanized sidewalls are:

  1. Excellent bonding: Hot vulcanized sidewalls are on average twice as strongly bonded compared to cold bonded sidewalls. This significantly reduces the risk of separation during use.

  2. Resistant to temperature and product influences: Unlike cold bonding, hot vulcanized sidewalls are not affected by temperature fluctuations and/or the product being conveyed.

The improved performance and reliability of hot vulcanized sidewalls offer a more durable solution for conveyor belts compared to cold bonded sidewalls.


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PHASE I – Ready for Production


In PHASE I we currently offer hot vulcanized sidewalls in DIN-Y and MOR quality standards. These sidewalls are specially designed to meet current and future requirements. These sidewalls do not have fabric reinforcement.

The available heights are:

  • L60/50
  • L80/50
  • L100/50

These sidewalls can be produced on both cross rigid conveyor belts and non-cross rigid conveyor belts. This allows them to be flexibly used for different applications.

The maximum production width (conveyor belt) is currently 2.100 mm.

Our next step, PHASE II, will include higher corrugated sidewalls including fabric reinforcement. weefselversterking

Hotwall laag
Hotwall hoog
LBS Hotwall Still2
LBS Hotwall Still3

Benefits of hot vulcanized sidewalls


See the list of key benefits of our unique vulcanization process which is made possible by our advanced Hotcleat® technology. Our years of experience and know-how have resulted in in-depth expertise that enables us to incorporate many benefits into our hot vulcanized sidewalls.

  1. Stronger bonding
  2. Resistant to temperature fluctuations
  3. Environmentally friendly
  4. Less sensitive to smaller drum diameters
  5. Resistant to product influences
  6. Automated production process
In short, hot vulcanized corrugated sidewalls are the ideal choice for durable conveyor belts as they provide improved performance and reliability.

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