Aquamator conveyor belts

An Aquamator belt is specially used during the cleaning process of transported material during sand and gravel processing. For separating and washing out specific contaminants and unwanted parts from mineral granulates such as gravel, sand, crushed rubble, split, etc. In sand and gravel processing it is very important that the material is thoroughly cleaned before further processing. Aquamator conveyor belts are extremely suitable for this because they are completely closed with corrugated edges. This ensures that the material remains on the belt and there is no product loss through the sides.

Aquamator conveyor belt efficiency


The Aquamator belt consists of a Probelt® base belt, which is cross-rigid, and hot vulcanized 
endless. Both sides of the belt have fabric reinforced sidewalls. The Aquamator belt is made 
endless by means of hot vulcanization (original factory splice). According the highest quality 
standards within LBS. Aquamator belts are effective and efficient for washing out specific and light pollution existing in mineral grain like sand, grit, gravel and construction rubbel. For more information download our Aquamator brochure.

Aquamator conveyor belts are also suitable for transporting large quantities of material in a short time. This increases the productivity of the processing process and saves time and costs.



benefits Aquamator Conveyor belts

  • Efficiency: Aquamator conveyor belts are designed to transport and clean large quantities of material in a short time. This increases the productivity of the processing process and saves time and costs.
  • Thorough cleaning: The unique cleaning system of Aquamator conveyor belts ensures thorough cleaning of the material and minimizes the risk of contamination. This allows the material to be made suitable for further processing and use in the building and construction industry.
  • Separating contaminants: Aquamator conveyor belts are able to separate and remove specific contaminants and unwanted parts from the material. This contributes to a more sustainable production process and minimizes the impact on the environment.
  • Durability: Aquamator conveyor belts are durable and resistant to corrosion, allowing for extended use in damp and wet environments. This reduces the need for regular replacement and maintenance of the conveyor belts.

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Een transportband maken is geen lopendebandwerk. Toch denken producenten maximale resultaten te halen met standaardoplossingen. Als de standaardoplossing eenmaal in gebruik is genomen, blijken resultaten echter tegen te vallen. Een weloverwogen keuze voor een transportband maakt het verschil voor de productie.

Dit whitepaper helpt bij het maken van een weloverwogen keuze bij het ontwerpenvan een transportband.


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De werking van aquamator transportbanden


Op een aquamator transportband staat centraal het wassen en tegelijk scheiden van specifieke delen. De lichtere materialen worden verwijderd d.m.v. krachtige waterstralen. Het zwaardere materiaal wordt stevig gescrubd, afgevoerd en tegelijk ontwaterd. 

Het toepassingsgebied van een Aquamator is heel breed. Meest voorkomen is het inzetten van een aquamatorband bij het wassen van meng-granulaten en betonpuin om deze te ontdoen van organisch materiaal en plastic delen. 


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