Our new TO-cleat!

Protect your delicate products with this new cleat!

specially developed to reduce damage to among others vegetables, potatoes or fruit.

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new TO-cleat


Our new TO cleat has a round top with hollow space, so that products land softer on it and this ensures that products do not get damaged. Products such as onions and potatoes can be damaged on a standard cleat with a straighter top. This is prevented by the round ''bubble'' top of the new TO cleat. This prevents for example dark spots (bruises) on and in the potatoes.



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Making a conveyor belt is not assembly line work. Nevertheless, manufacturers think they can achieve maximum results with standard solutions. Once the standard solution has been put into use, however, the results turn out to be disappointing. A well-considered choice for a conveyor belt makes the difference for production.

This white paper helps you make an informed choice when designing a conveyor belt for mobile recycling equipment.


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A synthetic conveyor belt is suitable for production processes within, for example, the recycling, agricultural and food industries. If we take food as an example, we see that the food industry has undergone enormous development in recent years. Our conveyor belts are therefore part of the food work processes of many companies. Our synthetic conveyor belts comply with the latest food certification. They are indispensable components for optimal performance, due to the strong contribution to fast, efficient and sustainable processing such as bread, fish, meat and potatoes.

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a synthetic conveyor belt from LBS


We understand the importance of continuity in every sector: downtime is often costly. That is why we provide the optimum performing synthetic conveyor belt for every application. We develop a conveyor belt together with the customer. Together we arrive at synthetic conveyor belts that make the difference in the production process.

Our services do not stop after delivery. You can also contact us for service and maintenance.

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