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Overbelt Magnets

An overbelt magnet is an advanced conveyor belt device used in various industrial environments.

Eric Telgenkamp
Eric Telgenkamp

Mar 22, 2024


In the world of machine shops and industrial production processes, the efficient separation of metals plays a crucial role. The pursuit of pure end products and the prevention of damage to further processing equipment has led to the emergence of advanced technologies, including the impressive overhead magnets. These technological powerhouses have proven to be an invaluable asset in separating ferrous metals from raw materials, resulting in high-quality and undamaged products.

What is an overbelt magnet?

An overbelt magnet is an advanced device used in various industrial environments ranging from machine factories to end users. The main purpose of these magnets is to quickly and effectively separate significant quantities of iron or steel, including other ferrous metals, from raw materials. This process takes place automatically and continuously, with the separated metals being seamlessly disposed of for further processing.

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Operation of overbelt magnets

At the heart of an overbelt magnet is a drive and reversing drum, surrounded by a sturdy frame. This frame houses the magnetic core, the essential element responsible for attracting the metal material. At the point where the magnetic core is located, the forces of attraction are strongest. As the material moves, it is attracted by the powerful magnet.

An ingenious mechanism is activated when the material, using special cleats called Hotcleat®, is at the drive or turning drum. At this point, the attraction force of the magnetic core decreases, and combined with the speed of the conveyor belt and the properties of the cleats, the material is discharged in a controlled manner. These unloaded metal parts are removed laterally, effectively separating them from the remaining material.

Applications and benefits

Overbelt magnets have a wide range of applications and offer significant advantages in the industrial sector. Mobile plants make use of this technology, with more than 90% of the magnetic belt being located transversely on a conveyor belt. This can be either on a flat or profiled conveyor belt with carriers, and this belt can run either flat or in a trough. The ultimate goal is to remove unwanted metal particles, ensuring a clean end product and preventing possible damage to succeeding machines in the production line.



The emergence of overbelt magnets has paved the way for a new dimension of efficient metal separation in industrial processes. With their advanced operation and ability to separate metals from raw materials in a precise and controlled manner, these magnets have proven to be invaluable. They help produce high-quality, clean end products and reduce the risk of damage to further processing equipment. In the ongoing quest to optimise and improve industrial processes, overhead magnets remain a reliable and essential link in creating successful production lines and high-quality products.

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Eric Telgenkamp

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