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Let’s get together at IFAT München 2024

This year, we are proud to be part of the world's leading trade fair in the recycling industry: IFAT Munich. We believe in bringing people, technology and sustainability together.

Eric Telgenkamp
Eric Telgenkamp

Apr 02, 2024


This year, we are proud to be part of the world's leading trade fair in the recycling industry: IFAT Munich. We believe in bringing people, technology and sustainability together

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At LBS, we develop and produce outstanding customised synthetic and rubber conveyor belts. Based on years of experience and expertise, we help our strategic OEM customers and other parties within the recycling industry to sustainably take their products to the next level. Within LBS, we understand the hidden technology behind conveyor belts and the practical applications. We strive for the best process results, reliable continuity, optimum satisfaction and sustainability. All this to ensure that our customers can deliver the best machines with the right conveyor belts to their customers. Together, we create a sustainable world. Within the recycling industry, we focus on stationary & mobile recycling plants and advanced sorting technologies.


MOBILE RECYCLING installations

Mobile recycling installations are innovative solutions that bring traditional recycling processes to the site of the waste source. These installations are designed to sort, process and recycle various materials on site, reducing transport costs and reducing the carbon footprint. By using advanced technologies, mobile recycling plants can efficiently process waste, such as synthetic, glass, paper and metal, and convert these materials into new raw materials or products. This helps promote a circular economy and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills.

  • Street milling
  • Crushing installations
  • Shredder installations
  • Screenings
  • Sorting installations
  • Turnover installations 

Mobile recycling installations have the valuable feature that their versatility in various fields makes these machines flexible.


Whereas mobile recycling installations are movable, stationary installations are fixed in a hall. Usually designed immediately when a hall is built. Recycling at its best requires a mix of smart technologies. From pre-sorting to storage, each step - pre-sorting, reducing, sorting, separating, cleaning and drying - plays a crucial role. A seamless process with minimal maintenance is the key to efficient material recovery. 

  • Processing and sorting installations
  • Recycling installations
  • Bulk and bulk materials

Stationary recycling installations are an essential part of modern waste management systems, serving as central hubs for processing and recycling various materials. These plants are designed to efficiently handle large volumes of waste, using advanced sorting and processing methods to recover valuable raw materials and separate reusable materials from residual waste. By using automated processes and advanced technologies, stationary recycling installations can make a significant contribution to reducing landfill waste and promoting a circular economy through reuse and recycling.


In the world of waste management, sorting and separating different types of waste plays a crucial role in recycling materials. Thanks to technological advances, this aspect of waste management is undergoing a real revolution.

  • Overhead belt magnets
  • Non-ferrous separators
  • Processing and recycling installations

Advanced sorting systems are being introduced, capable of automatically identifying and separating various materials, making the whole process more efficient. An example of such an innovation can be found in optical sorting machines. These machines use advanced sensors and cameras to detect and separate different types of synthetics, metals and paper. This means that manual sorting, which is often time-consuming and error-prone, becomes largely unnecessary.


Using these technologies not only has benefits for the efficiency of the recycling process, but it also contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable environment. Because materials can be sorted more accurately, they can be better recycled and given a second life, which in turn reduces pressure on natural resources.

Moreover, the integration of technology opens up new opportunities for further improvements. Machine learning algorithms are being experimented with that can train sorting machines to become even more accurate in identifying and separating materials. This could lead to even more efficient processes and higher recycling rates.

Rubber Conveyor belts 

We are known for our high-quality rubber conveyor belt solutions that we supply under the brand names Probelt®, Hotcleat® and Ecocleat®. These rubber conveyor belts are used daily in various mobile installations such as shredders, drum screens and separators for non-ferrous and ferrous metals. Besides mobile installations, our conveyor belt solutions are also used in complete automated stationary sorting installations for different types of waste processing. Furthermore, we have specialised in the field of overhead and/or suspension magnets. Within this area of application, we understand the daily and future challenges together with our customers and the market.

With our revolutionary Hotcleat® technology, rubber accessories such as carriers and profiles are fully integrated into the conveyor belt through our unique vulcanisation process. This lasts longer than current traditional conveyor solutions. Our Probelt® range consists of a full range of flat and profiled rubber conveyor belts including application-specific compounds and belt constructions. This maximises the lifespan of conveyor belts within their applications.



Our synthetic conveyor belts are also used in a wide range of installations within the recycling industry where rubber conveyors have traditionally been used on a daily basis. We specialise in rubber and synthetic conveyor belts that are problem solvers within complete recycling machines for different types of product processing. Within this field of application, we understand the daily and future challenges together with our customers and market knowledge. Thus, we also jointly make the choices for the best conveyor belts in our customers' plants. Thanks to our many years of experience, we provide tailor-made advice. 

LBS has specialised in advanced sorting technology such as eddy current separators and various types of sorting equipment such as X-ray, induction, colour sorting and NIR sorting. Within our specialised synthetic conveyor belt solutions, we take into account the sensitivity of various items such as advanced sensors and/or optics. This maximises conveyor belt life within these applications.

B0011233-2 (1)


We also develop customised parts under the MultiCutter brand name with advanced in-house cutting technology.

Machining conveyor belts requires tailor-made craftsmanship. With us, you will find experts who perform this specialised work with advanced technologies. This innovative technology enables us to precisely cut conveyor belts, rubber and plastic sheets to size. Thanks to our fully automated and state-of-the-art Multicutter, you can leave the manual cutting work to us. We can cut a wide range of materials, from thin plastics to thick polyurethane sheets and steel-reinforced rubber conveyor belts.

Our automated cutting technologies allow you to receive customised conveyor belts and cutting pieces with the sharpest precision. With the latest and most advanced cutting technologies, we take the manual work off your hands. Whether it is thin plastics, thick polyurethane sheets or steel-reinforced rubber conveyor belts, we deliver customised products directly to you. Imagine: no more in-house stock or manual cutting, and everything is delivered just-in-time.

At LBS, we have one of the largest stocks in the field of synthetic and rubber materials. Moreover, we are happy to work with you to develop the ideal product to meet all your requirements. Get your custom-made products delivered just-in-time and assembled without any hassle. With our expertise and advanced technologies, we make conveyor belts that perfectly fit your needs.

Plotter by LBS Multicutter

Do you have questions about this or other questions about conveyor belts? Contact us, our specialists are at your service..

Eric Telgenkamp

Eric is Customer Care, Sales & Marketing Manager at LBS.

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