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LBS Emmen

Drive, timing and round belts

LBS has a wide programme high quality drive, timing and round belts which are provided with a layer of aramid, polyester and polyamide.

If precision and synchronisation ar required from the installation it is recommended to lay on timing belts. Synchronisation is reached by adapting the timing belts to the notches of the pulley. Timing belts can be applied as conveyor belt, but also as a proces belt. We can deliver the belts in several belt widths, qualities and with several timing constructions.

Round belts (ropes) can be applied as conveyor belt, but also as a proces belt. Round belts are mainly used in the food industry. To meet the demands of this industry we can offer round belts which are FDA/USDA approved. We can deliver the round belts in several shapes, profiles and as fabric-reinforced round belts for less stretching.

A wide range of  hollow and V-ropes and extruded profile ropes makes our delivery programme complete.


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