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LBS Emmen

We promise you...


One of our FIVE promises is Digital Support. During the temporary new usual it is possible to also schedule an Digital appointment (Face-2-Face) with one of our technical sales representatives. As we strongly believe in sharing knowledge and growing stronger together, in order to make a difference to you and your products, we will gladly give amongst other Technical advice. Whether this is found in a standard product or a custom made one. We have a lot of (practical) experience and technical knowledge under our belt.

To schedule an digital commercial meeting you can contact your regular contact person or us in general +31 591 66 82 20 - info@lbs.cc 

Let us keep working on designing your custom made belting solutions.

Always connected, Face-2-Face


LBS Emmen bv, Phileas Foggstraat 48, NL-7825 AL Emmen, The Netherlands. Tel. +31 (0)591 668220 | Fax: +31 (0)591 668239 | E-mail: info@lbs.cc