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With our many years of experience and expertise, we help our strategic customers and other food industry parties take their products sustainably to the next level. One of our strategic partners is Wyma. Together, we aim to achieve the best production process results, reliable consistency, optimal satisfaction and sustainability. This ensures they are able to deliver the best installations to their customers. Here you can read what we at LBS Conveyor Belts consider important about working with Wyma. 

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Ultimate efficiency for top agribusiness player:
Wyma Solutions


Wyma Solutions is now one of the most innovative and flexible companies in the post-harvest sector. Wyma continues to improve the vegetable industry, with a strong focus on both customer satisfaction and quality. Wyma Solutions has several locations, with production facilities on two continents and their machinery products in over 50 countries.

Wyma Solutions is a major international player in the agricultural sector

Our collaboration with Wyma is highly valued. We are in monthly contact, and maintain excellent communications with their technical staff via MS Teams or telephone, despite the geographical distance. Regardless of the time zone, we are flexible and adapt to the needs of our customers. Why does Wyma consider the delivery of our products to be so important? Safety is paramount in the food industry and our conveyors belts meet all food safety requirements. 

As LBS Conveyor Belts, we provide customers with the best conveyors belts that contribute to sustainable and safe production processes and products. Like the production companies we serve, the development of conveyor belts continues to evolve. Over the last decade, the technical complexity of installations and materials has increased to such an extent that selecting the right conveyor has become a complex challenge. How do you decide which conveyor belt is the best, and what are the options? In a production process, the smallest details can significantly affect productivity. How do you choose the best conveyor for your production process? It’s clear that a conveyor belt designed for the food industry must meet very different requirements than a conveyor belt for the recycling industry. For LBS, each conveyor belt is unique because each production process is unique. That's why it's crucial for us to get to know our customers.

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As LBS, we have been developing and supplying efficient and sustainable conveyor belts to benefit production processes and machinery within the food industry for decades. We supply the most appropriate conveyor belts together with the right parts. Additionally, there are processing companies specializing in packaged and unpackaged food products, and companies producing, for example, salads and fries. In these sectors, food safety and hygiene are naturally of the greatest importance. For this reason, our range includes high-quality conveyor belts which are continuously updated to comply with market-specific hygiene requirements.
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‘We are extremely happy with the cooperation and quality of LBS regarding the development of our conveyor belts. We maintain monthly contact and have excellent communication despite the distance. Regardless of the time zone, they are flexible and adapt to our needs.’

Innovative conveyor belts for wyma

 'We can only make the best possible conveyor in conjunction with our customers,' says Cynthia Robben, Inside Sales at LBS and the direct contact for our customer Wyma. 'Our specialists understand the technical complexity of conveyors belts and materials. They combine their knowledge and experience for applications across different industries. They like to work with our customers, even if a completely new solution is required. As they focus on the specific details of a particular production process, they look for the best possible solution.

This is how we, together with our customers, develop the best conveyor belt to improve their production performance.'

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our synthetic conveyor belts program


LBS has a wide range of synthetic conveyor belts that are ideal for the food industry. Learn more about our range of different synthetic conveyor belts.

These include PU or PVC conveyor belts, synthetic gauze conveyor belts, finger cleat belts and fabric-reinforced cleats. There are some food industry customers who prefer rubber conveyor belts. Rubber is a highly suitable material for those of our customers that process raw products.

Do you have some specific questions about which conveyor belt is best suited to your production process? Please feel free to contact us without obligation. Our specialists are happy to assist you further. Our specialists are able to navigate the technical complexity of conveyor belts and materials, and apply their knowledge to a variety of industries. They are keen to accept new challenges, especially if that means devising new ideas. Taking into account the specific details of each production process, they look for the most suitable solution. Through this collaboration with our customers, the perfect conveyor belt is created, designed to optimise production performance. LBS is all about partnership and customisation, because every production process deserves a unique approach.

Are you looking for a reliable partner, or do you need a solution for a development issue, or just the best conveyor belt for your installation?

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Here you can read more about what Wyma means for the food industry, and the contribution that LBS Conveyor Belts has made.

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