Higher efficiency achieved:
'elimination back-rolling

To overcome technical issues in the world of industrial production, continuous improvement is critical. One such difficulty emerged at our customer Willibald, where their present profiled rubber conveyor was struggling to properly handle products.
Read on to discover the solution that emerged after multiple rigorous tests and an innovative adjustment.

Product being rolled back on the profiled rubber conveyor belt.


With an angle of 45°, the Willibald discharge conveyor is a crucial part of the production process. The Shredder Shark - serie incorporates a profiled rubber conveyor belt for discharging of reduced material. On the earliest machines, which used the traditional chevron rubber conveyor belt, the product was not transported adequately. Because of the sharp 45° angle and quick belt speed, this was the case. As a result, the product began to roll back on the conveyor belt resulting in wear and tear and loss of production capacity.



LBS and Willibald's collaboration

LBS and Willibald worked together to find a solution. The approach included significant testing, and the solution was a unique idea. A successful example of teamwork and innovation in the recycling industry for mobile plants.

Customer speaking

Willibald about the collaboration

 'We would like to extend our gratitude once again to LBS for their collaboration and support in the development of these special rubber conveyor belts."

The innovation

Hotcleat® cleats between the chevron profile

During the combined extensive tests, an innovative idea emerged: the implementation of hot-vulcanized Hotcleat® cleats between the existing chevron profile. The rationale behind this idea was that the Hotcleat® cleats would eliminate backrolling and the chevron profile would maintain product alignment. These Hotcleat® cleats are also higher than the profile itself. Hotcleat® cleats are specialized attachments that are hot-vulcanized onto the conveyor belt. They have exceptional bonding and durability since they are hot-vulcanized. This ensures that they are securely attached to the conveyor belt. However, the revolutionary concept is difficult to implement because Hotcleat® cleats are generally only hot-vulcanized on smooth Probelt® conveyor belts. The solution: a section of the base chevron profile M1335 of the new profiled rubber conveyor belt was removed and replaced by several Hotcleat® T40/20 cleats with a design adapted to the application.

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The result: product loss reduced

The Hotcleat® T40/20 cleats on the profiled rubber conveyor belts ensure that the product is transported optimally, despite the steep angle and high belt speed. The combination of Hotcleat® cleats and a profiled rubber conveyor belt also ensures minimal product loss. Thanks to the good cooperation between Willibald and LBS, a challenging technical problem was successfully solved. The conveyor belts are now able to operate efficiently and effectively, with no product rolling back and significantly less product loss.

This solution has now been a reliable part of Willibald's Shredder Shark - series for quite some time. Would you also like a solution for the development or maintenance of your machine? 

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