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Conveyor belts are hugely effective in salt spreaders.

Salt Conveyor Belts in Salt spreaders: A crucial element in winter maintenance

Conveyor belts are hugely effective in salt spreaders.

Rabin Jiawan
Rabin Jiawan

Jan 04, 2024


During the winter months, maintaining roads and public spaces is vital to ensure the safety of road users. Salt spreaders play an essential role in this process, with salt conveyor belts being a crucial component. These conveyor belts ensure efficient spreading of salt, preventing slippery roads. In this blog, we explore the benefits and concerns of salt conveyor belts.

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Conveyor belts are hugely effective in salt spreading machines. These conveyors play a crucial role in ensuring even distribution of salt or other spreading material on the spreader disc. But let us not forget that their versatility extends beyond salt, they are capable of spreading materials such as sand or grit with ease, because the opening of the machine / installation can be made larger, other spreading materials can also be spread.

Conveyors used in salt spreaders are also called salt conveyor belts. These specific conveyor belts, are designed with efficiency in mind. They are specifically made for pulleys with a very small size. Salt spreading conveyor belts must be capable of spreading a consistent amount of salt over a wide area. Here the emphasis is more on precision and evenness than on achieving high speeds to provide optimum performance.

What makes these salt conveyors so special? First of all, it is the combination of a flattened profile and high tensile strength. The chosen fabrics and structure of the conveyor belt construction contribute to the flexibility of the conveyor belt. The flattened profile is because of an opening just in front of the spreader disc where there is a maximum height. The measured opening in combination with the belt speed and spreader disc (speed) allows setting how much salt is spread. The tread does not make the conveyor belt easy to steer. Because of their ability to withstand a lot of tensile force, these salt conveyor belts can handle heavy-duty tasks with ease, resulting in a reliable and long-lasting use.

Benefits of salt conveyor belts

Efficient salt spreading: salt conveyor belts play a key role in spreading salt evenly on the road. Proper adjustment between the machine and the conveyor belt ensures that salt is evenly distributed, which is essential to maximise the effectiveness of the spreader.

Saving time: advanced technologies of the machine in combination with the salt conveyor belts allow them to work quickly and accurately. This results in significant time savings in winter maintenance activities, which is critical for cities and towns that need to respond quickly to weather changes.

Durability: salt conveyor belts must withstand harsh conditions, such as low temperatures and humidity. They can accommodate small pulley diameters and are wear-resistant. High-quality materials and tire construction ensure durability and reduce the need for frequent replacement, which lowers operating costs.

Points of attention

Regular maintenance: maintenance is crucial for the optimal performance of salt conveyor belts. In this in important to do regular inspections on the installation / machine and conveyor belt. Lubrication and cleaning of the installation / machine are essential to detect and correct any wear or damage early.

Weather resistance: salt conveyor belts are exposed to extreme weather conditions. Salt conveyor belts operate in demanding environments, with exposure to salt, moisture and extreme temperatures. Therefore, durability is a crucial feature of salt conveyor belts. It is important to ensure that they are designed with materials that can withstand frost and moisture to ensure long-term operation.

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Rabin Jiawan

Rabin is Technical Accountmanager at LBS.

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