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HotWall - hot vulcanised corrugated edges

Optimise your conveyor belts with LBS' hot vulcanised edges

Our unique hot vulcanisation process which eliminates corrugated edge loosening!

Rabin Jiawan
Rabin Jiawan

Apr 30, 2024


In the world of conveyor belts, LBS is known for its innovative approach, especially with regard to the famous Hotcleat®. The latest addition to our impressive range is nothing short of exciting: hot vulcanised corrugated edges. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can now apply the same proven technique we use for our Hotcleat®.

At LBS, we are committed to the continuous improvement of conveyor technology. Our hot vulcanised corrugated edges are the latest evidence of this commitment, and we look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of efficiency and sustainability together with our customers. Optimise your conveyor processes today with reliable solutions from LBS.

Currently, Fase I is ready for production!
Read more about our hot vulcanised corrugated edges here: HotWall.

In FASE I we currently offer hot vulcanized sidewalls in DIN-Y and MOR quality standards. These sidewalls are specially designed to meet current and future requirements. These sidewalls do not have fabric reinforcement.

The available heights are:

  • L60/50
  • L80/50
  • L100/50

These sidewalls can be produced on both cross rigid conveyor belts and non-cross rigid conveyor belts. This allows them to be flexibly used for different applications.

With a maximum production width of 2,100 mm, FASE I offers not only high quality, but also room for scalability and adaptability in production processes.

While FASE I sets the standard for innovation and versatility, FASE II already glances at the horizon of what is possible. In this next step, the corrugated edges will not only be higher, but also feature fabric reinforcement. This addition will further improve the durability and performance of the corrugated edges, making them even better equipped to meet the ever-evolving demands of the industry..



Corrugated edges offer a lot of added value to conveyor belts. With corrugated edges, you can increase capacity and save space at the same time. They significantly increase the angle at which you let the goods pass over the belt. In addition, a corrugated edge on your conveyor belt offers even more advantages.


What makes our hot vulcanised corrugated edges so special? The answer lies in the many advantages they offer for conveyor belts:

A product with stronger bonding offers durability and reliability, making it resistant to temperature fluctuations and product influences. Not only this, but it also promotes an eco-friendly approach, extending the life of the product and reducing the need for replacement. Moreover, the property of less sensitivity to smaller drum diameters makes the product more versatile and easier to integrate into different systems. Automated production processes not only increase efficiency, but also ensure consistency and quality of the final product.

Hot vulcanized sidewalls by LBS-1


The key to our quality lies in long-term active cooperation with both suppliers and customers. By jointly striving for the best belts for various processes and machines, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers.

Together we create 

Providing our customers with optimally performing conveyor belts is our mission. However, we not only produce and supply conveyor belts, but also provide service and maintenance.

Are you looking for the most suitable corrugated belt for your conveyor belt? Do you have questions about our hot vulcanised corrugated edges or other questions about our products and services? Please contact us!

Rabin Jiawan

Rabin is Technical Accountmanager at LBS.

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