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A sidewall conveyor belt increases production capacity, saves space and increases the angle at which transport takes place

Kim Riemeijer
Kim Riemeijer

Apr 07, 2023


Sidewall conveyor belts

Sidewalls offer a lot of added value to conveyor belts. Sidewalls allow you to increase capacity while saving space. You increase the angle at which you let goods pass over the belt considerably. In addition, a corrugated edge on your conveyor belt offers even more advantages.


The wavy edge gets its name from its wavy appearance. Wave edges ensure that products do not fall off the conveyor belt. A corrugated edge serves as a side boundary of a conveyor belt. You increase the production capacity of the conveyor belt, save space and increase the angle at which you can transport.

Corrugated edges are often used in combination with cleats: for example, you can screw them to cleats using sidelocks. The stability and capacity of the conveyor belt will then increase even further. A corrugated edge belt without cleats is often used as an Aquamator belt.


Side edges increase the effectiveness of a conveyor belt. Due to the firmness and balance, you can transport many more products at a large angle. Wave edges offer even more advantages. For example, you reduce maintenance costs. Sidewalls together with the conveyor belt form one whole. So you have a lot less maintenance-sensitive moving parts. In addition, the applicable angle of 90 degrees means that less force is needed to move the belt forward.


Sidewalls edges are available in various materials, colours, heights and designs. You can attach a corrugated edge to a conveyor belt in various ways. By gluing or welding, for example. The best method depends on the type and material of the conveyor belt.

For example, you can seamlessly weld corrugated edges onto the conveyor belt using high frequency welding. There is then no residue left behind when the corrugated edges are placed. That makes it a suitable method for the food industry, among others.

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Providing our customers with optimally performing conveyor belts is our mission. However, we do not only produce and supply conveyor belts, but you can also contact us for service, maintenance and parts such as corrugated edges.

Are you looking for the most suitable corrugated edge for your conveyor belt? Do you have questions about our handlebars or other questions about our products and services? Contact us!

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