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Conveyors in bakeries and other food industries

Conveyor belts for the food industry

Most synthetic conveyor belts meet the latest food safety standards for use in food processing machinery.

Tom Rengers
Tom Rengers

Sep 26, 2023

The world of bakery and confectionery production is all about precision, quality and food safety. Automating bakery processes is not only a way to save labour costs, but also to ensure consistent, high-quality production. A crucial part of this process is internal transport, which directly affects the quality of bread, pastries and biscuits. Let's dive into how advanced conveyors play a key role in ensuring food safety in the bakery sector.


Food safety comes first

When manufacturing food products, food safety is paramount. Conveyors in the bakery sector must comply with strict food safety standards, such as FDA, 2023/2006/EC and 1935/2004/EC, to ensure an HACCP-compliant production environment. It is also possible to obtain food safety declarations to increase your peace of mind.

Tailor-made solutions for the bakery industry

Our solutions are specifically designed to meet the challenges of the bakery and confectionery processing industries. They are resistant to oil, grease and abrasion, and they minimise the risk of fibre contamination. We understand the complexity of hygiene standards and food regulations that apply in this sector, and we are ready to support you in trouble-free and safe food production.

Bakkerij pvc blauw

Temperature resistance and durability

The bakery and confectionery industry has a wide range of temperatures, from very high after baking to very low during cooling and freezing. Our conveyor belts perform efficiently within this temperature range, and they are resistant to oils, fats and cleaning chemicals, resulting in a longer service life and reduced risk of contamination.

Hygienic cleaning

Cleaning conveyor belts is essential to meet strict hygiene standards. Our conveyor belts offer excellent resistance and are easy to clean, even in environments where oils, fats, salt and dough residues are present.

Caution with delicate products

Bakery products can be delicate and should not be deformed during transport. Our conveyors offer high longitudinal flexibility and support accurate transfers, even for fragile products.

Excellent unloading properties

Sticky dough and confectionery products can cause problems on conveyor belts, but our solutions offer excellent unloading properties, preventing product contamination. In addition, applying a belt scraper for this purpose is also an excellent choice. Read more about belt scrapers here.

Curved belts are also widely used in various bakeries and other food processing plants. Obviously in various options, depending on the products to be transported and environmental conditions.

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Abrasion resistance and contamination prevention

Wear from abrasive ingredients is a common problem in bakeries. Our conveyor belts are designed to resist abrasion and prevent grooves and cracks that can promote mould or bacterial growth. They significantly reduce the risk of contamination and cross-contamination through these abrasion-resistant materials that are suitable for all types of applications and also ensure that the belt life is extended.

Support and maintenance

Besides designing together and thinking along with the customer, we also offer a 24-hour service. We offer our technical support and expertise 24/7 to ensure the best quality solutions for you, the customer, and carry out repairs on site. We do this quickly and effectively to avoid high costs and production losses.

Conveyor belts from LBS

We also pay attention to maintenance and periodic monitoring of your conveyor belts. In doing so, we offer the possibility of creating and maintaining a logbook. A logbook has the advantage both for you and for us that the correct information is available about the conveyor in question, enabling fast service with minimal downtime.

We also have the best conveyor belt for your bakery application and process. Click on the button below and get advice on the extensive possibilities.

Contact us, our specialists are at your service.

Tom Rengers

Tom is Technical Accountmanager at LBS.

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