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Conveyor Belt PVC - synthetic

PVC is strong and durable, requires little maintenance and lasts a very long time. These are just some of the many advantages of this material.

Kim Riemeijer
Kim Riemeijer

Apr 07, 2023


Conveyor belt synthetic

PVC / Synthetic is strong and durable, requires little maintenance and lasts a very long time. These are just a few of the many advantages of this material, which therefore has many applications. As in our high-quality PVC conveyor belts; we are happy to tell you more about it.


PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, a plastic discovered in the nineteenth century. From the twentieth century, the use of this material grew strongly. The raw materials for PVC are relatively easy to process. In addition, PVC is stable, wear-resistant, lightweight and durable.

PVC has an enormous range of applications. For example, it is the basic material for pipes, dashboards, floors, facade cladding and of course for our PVC plastic conveyor belts.


A PVC conveyor belt is suitable for work processes within, for example, the recycling, agro and food industry. If we take food as an example, we see that the food industry has undergone enormous development in recent years. Our conveyor belts are therefore part of the food work processes of many companies. Our plastic conveyor belts comply with food certification. They are indispensable components for optimal performance, due to the strong contribution to fast, efficient and sustainable processing such as bread, fish, meat and potatoes.


Our range consists of conveyor belts in different belt widths, constructions and with various profiles. In addition to standard dimensions, we also offer custom solutions. Consider, for example, the mounting of components such as cleats, control belts and corrugated edges. Customization can make an enormous contribution to minimizing production loss when transporting your products.

Each industry requires different specific characteristics of conveyor belts. In a bakery, for example, it is essential that (dough) products do not stick to the conveyor belt. We solve that with a diamond profile; this ensures that the products come off easily.


We understand the importance of continuity in every sector: downtime is often costly. That is why we provide the optimum performing PVC conveyor belt for every application. We develop a conveyor belt together with the customer. Together we arrive at PVC conveyor belts that make the difference in the production process.

Our services do not stop after delivery. You can also contact us for service and maintenance.

Are you looking for the most suitable plastic conveyor belt for your installation? Do you have questions about our PVC plastic conveyor belts or other questions about our products and services? Contact us! 

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