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Conveyor rollers

Conveyor rollers are of great importance for conveyor systems. Find out more about the different types and which carrier rollers are compatible with particular processes.

Kim Riemeijer
Kim Riemeijer

Jun 02, 2023

A conveyor roller is designed to support the weight of material to be conveyed and keep loads moving smoothly along the conveyor belt. Conveyor rollers usually function in conjunction with other types of rollers, such as a drive drum and reversing drum. Conveyor rollers are integral components of a conveyor belt and, in conjunction with the other materials, ensure the efficient transport of goods.

Support rollers for conveyors

Although conveyors use very similar rollers to help transport materials, there are some important differences between the support rollers we use in these systems. The basic function of support rollers are similar, but the design requirements and operating conditions differ. The result is a difference in support roller size, strength and materials in these systems. A conveyor belt support roller is designed to carry a greater weight and a greater variety of materials. In fact, conveyors are generally used for moving heavy or large materials across long distances. The conveyor transport belt rollers are typically larger and stronger than those of a roller conveyor, for example.

Features and properties of support rollers

Load-bearing support rollers are usually cylindrical. They are manufactured from a variety of materials, ranging from metal to plastic. The type of material depends on the requirements of the application. The size and number of support rollers required is subject to several factors. These include the weight and size of the material being transported and the speed and length of the conveyor belt. In other words, the larger, heavier and wider the goods are, the higher the requirements for the diameter of the roller, carrying capacity and material.

The choice of material is also important when, for example, the carrier rollers face chemical influences, extremely high or low temperatures or a continuously humid environment.

Different types of carrier rollers

The type of carrier roller is chosen depending on several factors, such as the type of goods you want to transport, the operating environment of the conveyor belt and the desired transport speed. Therefore, there are many different types of carrier rollers for conveyors, including:

  • Metal carrier rollers: often stainless steel,steel or aluminum.
  • Plastic carrier rollers: these can be plastics such as polyamide or polypropylene. Plastic carrier rolls are often seen in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries because of their hygienic properties.
  • Conical rollers: are conical, useful for centering the conveyor belt.
  • Rubber-coated rolls: these rubber-coated rolls are often used for transporting light or fragile goods.

To make sure that the conveyor system operates efficiently, it is important to select the correct carrier rollers.

About LBS

Here at LBS we are specialists in the field of conveyor belts and related products. We custom design and build conveyor belts for various applications and industries. We achieve high-quality custom solutions with our dedication, experience, modern machinery and equipment.

Quality is always paramount for us, and therefore we only work with quality materials and components. We are committed to the highest possible customer satisfaction and we manage to accomplish it by listening carefully and working closely with our customers.

LBS Carrier rollers

LBS is not only a manufacturer and supplier of conveyor belts, we also provide service, maintenance and spare parts. In addition to carrier rollers, some of these include scrapers, corrugated edges, drive and reversing drums, steering belts and much more. Visit our parts overview to discover many more conveyor parts

Looking for the most suitable carrier rollers for your conveyor belt? Any questions about carrier rollers, drive rollers or return pulleys or do you want to know more about our products and services? Feel free to contact us!

Kim Riemeijer

Kim is Marketing Coordinator at LBS.

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