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Chevron Conveyor belts

Chevron conveyors, the most comprehensive conveyor solution

Rubber chevron conveyor belts are a specific type of profiled conveyor belt used for transporting bulk materials.

Johan Wigger
Johan Wigger

Oct 09, 2023

Our chevron profiles can be vulcanised onto all standard belt types in our own production. Probelt® presents an extensive range of high-quality flat and profiled rubber conveyor belts. This extensive Probelt® range is specially designed to meet the diverse needs of sectors such as recycling, road construction, mineral extraction, material transport and agriculture, horticulture and forestry.


The line of profiled Probelt® rubber conveyor belts from LBS Conveyor Belts is among the most complete offerings on the market today. By hot vulcanising, the profile and base Probelt® conveyor belt become one unit. This creates a homogeneous conveyor belt construction that is much stronger than conveyor belts on which the chevrons are attached separately. A key advantage is that this integrated strength allows for smaller drum diameters.


This achievement is the result of more than 20 years' experience in designing and developing profiled rubber conveyor belts in close cooperation with renowned brands. As a result, the Probelt® range meets the growing demand for profiled rubber conveyor belts that meet the high demands of modern industries.

In addition to our standard range, we also offer customised solutions according to our customers' specifications, including special profiles, coating qualities, belt constructions, and more. We are ready to innovate with you and develop solutions that meet your specific needs.

Opt for quality and choose the original with Probelt®!


  • quarries, sand pits
  • cement works, lime works
  • agriculture: transport of beets, cereals, potatoes, fertilisers, wood chips
  • transport of coal and coke
  • sugar refineries
  • flour, meal, grains, barley, wheat, rye
  • salt mines
  • mobile crushers and screens
  • road milling machines
Recycling LBS_verkleind


  • Suitable for efficient transport of a wide range of materials;
  • Maximum inclination angle of up to 45°, depending on the type of material;
  • Homogeneous Chevron profiles vulcanised together with a Probelt® base strap;
  • Durable and flexible;
  • Individual design;
  • Designed for optimum performance and reliability.

Cover types

Our profiled Probelt® rubber conveyor belts have a standard coating quality according to DIN Y. In addition to this standard coating quality, we can offer different coating qualities according to the table below and, for example, also in MOR (medium oil and fat resistant) quality.

P1010006-1 P1010007

Diverse range of chevron 

LBS Conveyor Belts has a diverse range of chevron conveyor belts in different heights:

17mm, 25mm en 32mm. Available in full rolls and section lengths.

  • Lower chevron: 17mm L-Profiles approx. 160m roll length. This lower chevron is suitable for bulk goods with smaller piece sizes and for feed angles of up to 20 to 25 degrees.
  • Medium chevron: 25mm M-Profiles approx. 120m roll length. 
  • High chevron: 32mm is the commonly used height when the product is somewhat larger and rolling, e.g. potatoes. H-Profiles approx. 120m roll length. This high chevron profile is suitable for materials with larger piece sizes and steeper slopes.

Download our Probelt® brochure for all types and profile drawings.

We aim for 100% customer satisfaction and work closely with our customers to provide tailor-made solutions. Do you have questions about our chevron range or any other queries? Please contact us, our specialists are at your service.

Johan Wigger

Johan is Sales Manager at LBS.

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