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Bunker conveyor belts at agricultural sector

Bunker conveyor belts: Silent force behind efficiency in agriculture

In this quest for optimisation and effectiveness, the bunker conveyor belts plays an essential role.

Johan Wigger
Johan Wigger

Nov 07, 2023

The agricultural sector is the backbone of the global food supply and has always sought efficiency improvements to meet growing demand. In this quest for optimisation and effectiveness, the bunker conveyor plays a vital role. From moving harvested crops to managing storage, these ingenious technologies have revolutionised the way agriculture operates.


A bunker conveyor is an advanced technology specifically designed to maximise the efficiency of harvesting, transporting and storing crops. These conveyors are equipped with a funnel-shaped structure at the beginning, the 'bunker', in which harvested crops such as grains, vegetables and fruit are temporarily stored. This ensures an even and controlled supply of crops even when crop yields are irregular.

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Agriculture is all about timing. A bumper harvest can result in an overwhelming amount of crops that need to be processed quickly. Bunker conveyors solve this problem by storing crops in the bunker and feeding them to the next processing stage at a steady pace. This allows farmers to better manage crop yields and prevent crop loss or spoilage due to excessive storage.


One of the most critical aspects of agricultural operations is storing harvested crops while they await further processing or distribution. Bunker conveyors play a crucial role here. They prevent overloading of storage facilities by maintaining a steady supply of crops, reducing the need for manual intervention.

Moreover, the gradual feeding of crops through the conveyors helps prevent damage that can occur during manual or rapid loading and unloading of crops. This helps maintain crop quality, which is essential to deliver high-quality produce to consumers.


Bunker conveyor belts also offer farmers a degree of flexibility in crop management. Different crops require different treatments and storage conditions. By using these conveyors, farmers can easily switch between different crops and still maintain a controlled supply, increasing operational efficiency.

Bunker conveyor belts are not just another piece of technology; they are the silent force behind efficiency and productivity in the agricultural sector. By maintaining a steady flow of harvested crops, they help farmers manage bountiful harvests, maintain crop quality and optimise handling and storage. As global demand for food continues to grow, bunker conveyors will play an even more central role in ensuring sustainable and effective food production. The agricultural sector cannot help but recognise that this technology is an invaluable asset towards a future of improved agricultural practices and food security.

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Johan Wigger

Johan is Sales Manager at LBS.

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