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Belt scraper for conveyor belts

A belt scraper cleans conveyor belts to keep them working better and longer

Kim Riemeijer
Kim Riemeijer

May 25, 2023


Over time, a conveyor belt can become dirty as product residues, dirt, and dust adhere to it. In humid conditions, these contaminants can further cling to the belt, potentially impairing its performance. To prevent this, using a belt scraper is crucial. It helps keep your conveyor belt clean, enhances its performance, and prolongs its lifespan.


Belt scrapers effectively remove product residues, such as those from bulk materials, and contamination that adheres to the conveyor belt. Maintaining a clean conveyor belt is essential as any leftover materials can negatively impact both its service life and performance.

Proper scraping optimizes your production process by preventing sticking, waste, wear, or even belt misalignment. By keeping the belt clean, you enhance its performance and extend its lifespan. Additionally, you save on cleaning and maintenance costs, while a clean and optimally functioning belt reduces production losses.

The main advantages of using a belt scraper for conveyors in brief:

  • Extends conveyor belt life.
  • Reduces production losses.
  • Reduces time and costs on maintenance and cleaning of the conveyor belt.
  • Contributes to the optimisation of your production process.


The choice of scraper type depends on the conveyor and the specific product being transported. Conveyors used for debris movement require different specifications compared to those used for agricultural and horticultural products, such as fruits and vegetables. Here are some common types of belt scrapers:

  • Head scraper: also called primary scraper.
  • List scraper: suitable for sticky materials, e.g. in the food industry.
  • Plough scraper: in V-shape, pulls everything to the centre first.
  • Flap scraper: forms to the profile of the conveyor belt, also called chevron scraper.
  • Pike scraper; The scraper blade of the PIKE head scraper is made of an elastic polyurethane.
  • Innovative Light Duty; easy self-assembly.


The PIKE head scraper features an elastic polyurethane scraper blade that can adapt to surface irregularities on the conveyor belt. The pressure of the scraper blade can be continuously adjusted using torsion elements. With a stainless steel support arm, the scraper blade is seamlessly molded for a smooth surface. The PIKE head scraper offers easy assembly and disassembly due to its simple modular construction.


Whether it's sticky pizza dough or creamy chocolate mass, our scraper can effectively remove anything from the belt. In practical applications, our scrapers have proven their value, especially when other solutions have failed to deliver satisfactory results. Challenging materials with tough properties can be effectively separated from the conveyor belt or transport roller by the flexible polyurethane lip.


Our mission is to ensure optimal performance of conveyor belts. Downtime of a conveyor belt can be costly in any industry. We offer not only conveyor belts but also services, maintenance, and spare parts such as belt scrapers.

Download our brochures here: Innovative light duty & Pike scraper!

Are you searching for the best belt scraper for your conveyor belt? Do you have any questions about our belt scrapers or other inquiries about our products and services? Feel free to contact us!

Kim Riemeijer

Kim is Marketing Coordinator at LBS.

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