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Aquamator conveyor belt

An Aquamator conveyor belt is used during the cleaning process of transported material in sand and gravel processing.

Kim Riemeijer
Kim Riemeijer

Apr 05, 2023


THe revolutionary cleaning with aquamator conveyor belts in sand and gravel processing

In the world of sand and gravel processing, efficiency is crucial. The cleaning process of materials such as gravel, sand, crushed rubble and split requires advanced technologies to remove specific contaminants. This is where the Aquamator conveyor belt emerges as a true hero. Designed specifically for the cleaning process, this innovative system promises not only effectiveness but also improved productivity and cost savings. Granular materials smaller than 40 mm are deposited on an Aquamator conveyor belt. This conveyor belt runs just above a water tank.


In sand and gravel processing, it is crucial to ensure that the material is thoroughly cleaned before undergoing further processing. The Aquamator conveyors play an essential role in this. Their fully enclosed design with corrugated edges ensures that the material remains firmly on the belt. This results in a highly effective cleaning process with no product loss through the sides.


The Aquamator belt is not just another conveyor belt; it is an advanced piece of technology designed for peak performance. Constructed from a Probelt® base belt that is broadly stable and endlessly pressed by hot vulcanisation, it offers durability and stability. Both sides of the belt feature fabric-reinforced sidewalls, meeting the highest quality standards within LBS. This construction ensures not only durability but also effective cleaning of specific and light contaminants in mineral aggregates. For more information, download our Aquamator brochure.


One of the striking advantages of Aquamator conveyors is their ability to transport large quantities of material in a short time. This feature significantly increases the productivity of the handling process. At the same time, it results in significant time savings and cost reduction, which is of great importance in the competitive world of material handling.


Aquamator conveyors are revolutionising sand and gravel processing. With their advanced design, effective cleaning capabilities and contribution to increased productivity, they promise to not only improve the quality of processed material but also optimise the efficiency of the entire process. For organisations striving for top performance and cost savings, the Aquamator conveyor belt is an investment that quickly pays for itself.



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Kim Riemeijer

Kim is Marketing Coordinator at LBS.

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