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Conveyor Belts for the Agriculture

In the dynamic world of agriculture, livestock and arable farming, conveyor belts are crucial.

Tom Rengers
Tom Rengers

Oct 19, 2023


In the dynamic world of agriculture, livestock and arable farming, efficiency is crucial. Fortunately, modern technologies are on hand to meet the challenges and ease the work in the field. One of the silent heroes contributing behind the scenes to the productivity and quality of these industries are innovative conveyor belts. Let's take a look into the versatile world of these "rolling assistants". 


1. Storage loader conveyor belts: Optimising Storage Areas

When it comes to efficiently filling storage areas, store loader conveyor belts play a crucial role. Be it crops, feed or materials, these conveyors are the silent forces that ensure every corner of a storage hall is effectively utilised. Read more about conveyor belts for storage loaders here.

2. Dumpster Conveyors: Even Distribution with Convenience

Imagine a cistern conveyor that distributes and transports materials evenly to different machines or locations. This is exactly what cistern conveyors excel at. They are like conductors of an orchestra, ensuring that every ingredient arrives at the right time and place.

3. Duo Belts: Speed and Precision in Harmony

In a world where speed and precision must go hand in hand, duo bands enter the stage. These clever constructions consist of two parallel conveyors with different speeds and functions. They are the maestros that handle complex transport needs flawlessly.

4. Cistern Bottoms: Protection of Materials

Dumpsters can be quite demanding, but dumpster bottom cloths are ready to protect, separate and even filter materials. A kind of bodyguard of the conveyor belt world, they ensure that fragile goods reach their destination unscathed.

5. Feed wagon conveyors: The Food Train to Perfection

In the animal feed industry, an even feed supply is essential for healthy livestock. Feed wagon conveyors are like train tracks that ensure feed is distributed evenly, making every meal a tasty and nutritious experience.

6. Potato Scooping Machine Conveyors: Smart Potato Movements

These conveyors are the "potato experts" specially designed to transport these crunchy delicacies during the harvesting and processing process. They ensure that every potato finds its way without a hitch.

7. Leek and Carrot Harvesting Belts for Clamp Harvesters: Vegetables Harvested with Ease

Clamp harvesters can now enjoy the help of leek and carrot harvest bands. These assistants ensure that each vegetable is harvested with care and safely transported to further processing.

8. Haulm discharge belts for potato harvesters: The Way of the Haulm

Harvesting potatoes involves a lot of haulm, but haulm-off conveyors are ready to help. They are the "leaf sweepers" that remove excess haulm and contribute to an efficient harvesting process.


versatility of conveyors in agro 

These versatile conveyors are like silent heroes that take the agriculture, livestock and arable sectors to the next level. With different belt thicknesses, types and surface profiles, they are like customised tools that ensure every seed, vegetable and food product is handled with care. So, next time you enjoy a freshly baked sandwich or crispy crisps, remember that behind the scenes, these smart conveyors are the "silent stars" that have contributed to your delicious treat! Read more about conveyor belts for the agricultural sector here.

We supply conveyors based on quality, robustness and durability. You can also come to us for advice, for example on the correct assembly and loading of conveyor belts, for optimal running direction. 

Do you have questions about this or other questions about conveyor belts? Contact us, our specialists are ready to assist you.

Tom Rengers

Tom is Technical Accountmanager at LBS.

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